“High quality fabrics driven by passion since 1840.”

Trabaldo Togna 1840 is a prestigious name within the textile tradition in the district of Biella. Strong in it's history and driven by passion, for over 170 years they have been making superfine fabrics for both men and women fashion destined to luxury labels recognized worldwide.

The mill, founded in 1840 by the Trabaldo Togna family, established itself as a leading producer for fine fabrics. These creations are of the highest quality, made of the finest Australian wool, precious Mongolian cashmere and wool blended with other precious fibers.

The production, entirely made in Biella, takes place at the mill located in Pray in a setting that is unique in the field. In this context we come in touch with the know-how of the strong textile traditions. It is the best place for the manufacturing of the finest wool and cashmere, rich in history and outstanding craftsmanship. Moreover, the elevated quality of its water allows to reach high levels of excellence throughout the different production stages; from washing to finishing. It is also thanks to this profound relationship with the environment that Trabaldo Togna is able to present you with fabrics that are outstanding creations.

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