Custom Made-to-Measure

Our program in 4 steps

S. Cohen’s made-to-measure custom service allows you, with our proprietary iMeasure platform and the help of our seasoned 500+ retail partners across North America, to enjoy the customization process from fibre-to-garment as you select the cut, pockets, buttons, collar, lining and cuffs: all crafting a truly unique garment and experience. 

Through the use of fit models, we will help you determine the right fit for each individual body type, style and personal detailing preferences to achieve a garment that meets your needs, taste and imagination.

Fastest in North America: 15-Day Shipping

We take pride in staying true to our longstanding mission and promise to ship all of our made-to-measure custom suits within an industry-best 15 days. This allows you to enjoy the garment within the same season that you placed your order.

custom box f19 made to measure

What makes it special

Custom service is rooted in our accomplished suite of over 400 year-round and seasonal premium fabrics from the finest Italian mills (including Ermenegildo Zegna, Reda, and Vitale Barberis Canonico), buttons and lining options. Through our tradition of continued innovation, we are constantly reinventing our custom program.

Make it yours

S.Cohen Infinity Custom allows our customers to choose their favorite or most memorable images (e.g., pictures, labels, words, etc.) to be stitched in the lining of a garment. This is the ultimate customization feature in tailored clothing.