Our Company History


S. Cohen was founded in 1923 by Benjamin Cohen, who emigrated from Russia in the early 1900's, and sold tailored clothing to locals from a horse and buggy. His son, Saul, helped him start the men’s fine tailored clothing business and guided it through the turbulent 1930's and 1940's. 


Saul's son, David, joined the company in 1953 and under his management it flourished, becoming a key supplier of men's fine tailored clothing to major and independent retailers across Canada.


David's sons, Benjamin and Peter, began working at the company in the 1970's and now serve as the current co-presidents.


In the 1990s, S. Cohen introduced the first ever performance suit and rapidly expanded across North America.

A pioneer in high-performance clothing, S. Cohen has received more extensive media coverage for its garments than any competing clothing company. NBC Dateline, Newsweek, and many others have covered its unique products, including exclusive features such as our Stretch Guard panels and Performa-Stretch waistbands, throughout the company’s rich history and periods of innovation. The company's commitment is to deliver each garment with features that provide significant realizable benefits to the customer, never compromising our exceptional quality, craftsmanship and customer service.


S. Cohen launches a Custom Made-to-Measure program. iMeasure is released; our proprietary custom platform that features an optimal user-friendly interface, premium fabric selections, diverse fit options, tailor-made customer service and is shipped within an industry-best 15 days


S. Cohen launches Infinity Custom, which allows our customers to choose their favorite or most memorable images (e.g., pictures, labels, words, etc.) to be stitched in the lining of a garment. The ultimate customization feature in tailored clothing.


In 2017, S. Cohen became the first company in North America to ship custom made-to-measure suits within 15 days.


Benjamin’s son, Daniel, joined the company in 2018 after practicing corporate law at one of the most prestigious law firms in Canada. 


S. Cohen is a fifth generation family-run business currently celebrating its 97th anniversary.

Over the last two decades, S. Cohen has experienced a period of rapid expansion, entering new markets and redefining expectations of what fine tailored clothing can offer to retailers and end-customers through innovation and commitment to excellence by design.

As a complement to S. Cohen’s collection product offerings to its 1000+ retail partners across North America, S. Cohen has focused on championing the made-to-measure custom segment of the tailored clothing market. With an unwavering commitment to fine tailored clothing innovation, S. Cohen developed industry-best delivery standards for its Custom garments, promising to ship each garment within 15 days of it being ordered.


Our commitment to performance driven innovation is the key lever towards continued success in future generations.